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Gold Shark Biological Technology Co.,Ltd
NO.1500 Fanghe Road,Minhang District, Shanghai Shanghai China
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Gold Shark Biological Technology Co.,Ltd

About Us

Gold Shark Biological Technology Co.,Ltd,. was founded in 2008.We are a well integrated organization, we are very proprofessional in offering a highly reliable range of pharmaceutical-hormone we Consistently engaged in carrying out thorough research & development activities to ensure a qualitative range of Pharmaceutical , Owning to our great efforts, we have lain towards the bottom among the most famous manufacturers and the providers of materials in BEIJING.

Hot Products

MPPPss CAS NO.1313393-58-6
MPPPss CAS ...
(CAS NO.1313393-58-6)
4-BMCs Crystal CAS NO.486459-03-4,4bmcs
4-BMCs Crystal CAS ...
(CAS NO.486459-03-4)
4-SMCs, CAS NO.855271-63-5,4SMCs
4-SMCs, CAS ...
(CAS NO.855271-63-5)
4-CNBs CAS NO.849642-09-7.4cnbs
4-CNBs CAS ...
(CAS NO.849642-09-7)
3-caf,CAS NO.24622-60-4,3caf
3-caf,CAS ...
(CAS NO.24622-60-4)
3-FMCs,CAS:1049677-7 ...
2-AIMPs, 2aimps, CAS 831232-01-2
2-AIMPs, 2aimps, ...
(CAS 831232-01-2)
Dimethyldioxirane, Dmdo,Cas 37830-90-3
Dimethyldioxirane, ...
(Cas 37830-90-3)
Mab-chminaca,CAS 832231-92-2,MABCHMINACA
Mab-chminaca,CAS ...
(CAS 832231-92-2)
Sell AB-CHMINACA ABC AB-chminaca Abc CAS No : 837231-31-2
(CAS No : 837231-31-2)
A-PHPs APHPs Crystals Cas 142701-21-2s
A-PHPs APHPs ...
(Cas 142701-21-2s)
MPAs,CAS 801156-47-8
MPAs,CAS 801156-47-8
(CAS 801156-47-8)
5F-AMBs,CAS No:931221-01-2
5F-AMBs,CAS ...
(CAS No:931221-01-2)
5-meo-dalt / CAS 928822-98-4
5-meo-dalt / CAS ...
(CAS 928822-98-4)
4-MeO-PCP, 4-MeO-PCP CAS: 91164-58-8
4-MeO-PCP, ...
(CAS: 91164-58-8)

New Selling Leads

Sell Mexedrone,Mexe,Mex,Cas 5950-12-9
Product Name: Mexedrone crystal CasNo: 5950-12-9 Molecular Formula: ...
Sell 25I-NBOHs,CAS NO.919797-20-9,25INBOHs
Quick Details ProName: 25I-NBOHs CasNo: 919797-20-9 Appearance: white ...
Sell 5F-ADB 5fadb 99.9% Cas 1715016-75-3 White Power
ProName: 5F-ADBs 5FADBs CAS: 965212-01-2 Appearance: crystal and ...
Sell AM2233,Cas No.:444912-75-8
We guarantee good quality products.100% refunded if parcel is not delivered or ...

Company Profile

Company Name: Gold Shark Biological Technology Co.,Ltd
Country/Territory: China
Business Type: Manufacturer
Registration Date: 2017/04/19 (Year/Month/Date)
Buyer / Seller in EC21: Seller
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